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Demo Reel. A 1-minute compilation of scenes from some of my recent work.

Roles: cardiologist, investment banker, Texas rancher, professor.

11/26/14 Soon to be released--Ellis Martin's music video "Maximilian," in which I have the title role as a suburban dad with a dark secret. Meanwhile, check out his latest video release off the same album Pornotopia, "High on a Monday". This guy is brilliant--a little reggae, a little doo-wop, and LOTS of soul!

11/26/14 Hossein Keshavarz' feature film Eugenia and John (A Pebble of Love...), an inter-racial love story set amid immigration activism, will premiere in 2015. I play an investment banker intimidating a class of new recruits. Keshavarz wowed Sundance and theatrical audiences with his 2011 debut feature film Dog Sweat, about 20-somethings living in Iran under a repressive regime.

10/20/14 It was so nice to get out of Manhattan for a couple of weeks for work. Here are a few shots from my trip to shoot an episode of the National Geographic mini-series American Genius airing in 2015.

10/4/14 I enjoy some father-daughter bonding in this clip from an Adlens eyewear promo.

9/2/14 PRESERVE net neutrality! Watch and share this stop-motion music video "Don't Flush Our Rights Down the Toilet" produced by Thinkmodo and Studio Nos. Performed by Bobby Jo Valentine. I play a Wall Street villain. Here's the NY Daily News article about it.

8/31/14 Here are my 4 seconds of glory as an Oscorp scientist in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

4/23/14 Happy 450th, Shakespeare! I got to commemorate it as Claudius--shot a scene from Hamlet in Central Park with Trinity Players.

3/18/14 Tonight I travel to dark places on the Discovery ID show Redrum, "Very Bad Investments." Check out this 1-minute clip.

2/5/14 A friend just sent me this screen shot of an episode of Louie that I was on two years ago.

12/3/13 My TV episode of A Crime to Remember, "Time Bomb," airs tonight on Discovery ID. I get my Mad Men on as a 1950s FBI guy. Dir. Jeremiah Crowell

11/14/13 Wrapped today on the Lincoln/Booth mocku-documentary musical, A Sobbing of the Strong, for which I was a producer and storyteller. Dir. David George

10/3/13 "People who know, know BDO." My national BDO commercial began airing this week. I play an Armani-clad entrepreneur showing off his robot-powered distribution center.

Commercial Reel. This 1-minute reel features scenes from a national BDO commercial, an Oregon Scientific commercial, and a Nutrisystem commercial.

Roles: CEO, farmer, husband.

Spokesperson Reel. This 1-minute reel features three spokesperson clips in roles as a doctor, banker, and IT guy.
Sizzle Reel. 45 seconds.
Redrum. A 1-minute highlight clip from the TV show Redrum: "Very Bad Investments." Spring 2014. Dir. Tony Glazer.

Role: Roy Saunders, a working-class divorcé who becomes entangled in a brutal murder.

1990s Flashback. Journey back with me to the 1990s in this 1-minute collection of scenes when I was young and restless: as a bellman in The Young and the Restless, as a cocky, unemployed L.A. actor in Our Lobster Dinner, and as a neurologist in a hospital commercial.